Top Uses for a Tactical Flashlight (It may save your life)

For most of you who are not aware, a tactical flashlight is a newer type of flashlight that is used by police officers, firefighters – you get what I’m saying. It’s different from a normal everyday flashlight because its beams are brighter, it has a different shape, it’s lighter than the conventional flashlight, and many more. 

But other than its main use of providing light, what are its other uses? Now you may have heard a thing or two about it being transformed into a weapon – they weren’t wrong. In fact, many people carry tactical flashlights, for the sole purpose of defending themselves. 

In this article, we will be detailing the top and best uses for a tactical flashlight; you’ll then be realizing why you always need to carry one wherever you go. 

Always carry a flashlight in your car

Before we go straight into that topic, many self-defense experts recommend keeping a tactical flashlight in your car. This is good especially if you travel a lot and at night mostly, having one can be a life-saver at some point. If you don’t drive or don’t have a car, keeping one handy inside your bag is also recommended. 

To go deeper into that topic, why not just carry a regular flashlight? What makes it “tactical?” Well, the main advantages of tactical flashlights than the regular everyday flashlights are:

  • It’s lightweight – it’s substantially lighter and smaller than an everyday flashlight
  • Most often, they’re compatible with lithium-ion batteries 
  • They’re extremely bright – we’re not even kidding
  • It has a longer runtime than the average flashlight

Knowing those advantages, do you know realize that you need one? Well in buying a tactical flashlight, you also need to know that other than being a flashlight, a tactical flashlight can be used for other things too. 

Without further ado, here are the top uses of a tactical flashlight (other than being a flashlight)

Self-defense Flashlights

A tactical flashlight has rugged ends on that protrude from the front around the lens. This is designed to be some sort of “weapon” in emergency situations. Say, when an attacker is near you and you don’t have a weapon near you, you can use it to strike the attacker. 

You could temporarily blind an intruder

Similar to the point above, the bright beams of a tactical flashlight can cause your attacker to be stunned. In fact, it can temporarily impair their vision, giving you a window of opportunity to totally disable him and ask for help. 

If an attacker is near you, you can shine the tactical flashlight to his eyes and when he reacts to it, you can use the jagged ends of it to strike him and disable him. Successfully doing these things would already be a great opportunity for you to run away or to ask for help. 

Emergency signal flashlights

You go on a vacation on an island and suddenly, the storm dropped. Without anything on you but a smartphone, how can you ask for help? A tactical flashlight, with its high-grade lumens, will be able to assist you in times of dire need. 

For instance, if a power outage goes out and you need to ask for assistance, you can go ahead and shine the tactical flashlight to the nearest person or location from you. That way, they’ll know that you’re asking for help. 

LED Flashlights are an effective and efficient light source

Need to find something in the kitchen but it’s too dark already? A tactical flashlight will be able to help you, even when it’s cold. Regular everyday flashlights would perform very different if used in different extreme temperatures. 

In this case, you can count on a tactical flashlight as it’s made with high-grade aluminum. Unlike regular everyday flashlights, a tactical flashlight can perform well in every situation even if it’s extremely cold or extremely hot. 

You can start a fire with a flashlight

When used properly, a tactical flashlight can be used to start a fire. However, do note that this involves breaking the light bulb of your flashlight. Here’s how you can do it:

You can actually do it in three (3) ways:

In this first method, what you’ll need would be the tactical flashlight and tinder:

  1. The tactical flashlight you need to have needs to have highly-concentrated lumens (1000 to 1500 lumens);
  2. Shine the flashlight onto tinder, wait for it to heat up; 
  3. This should burn any flammable material it gets contact with.

The second method involves breaking the outer covering of the bulb. This needs to be done with extreme caution: 

  1. Break the outer glass of the bulb – you don’t want to break its inner parts, so be careful;
  2. If you notice that the inner filament is still intact, then it’s good to go. 
  3. Place a bit of tinder on top of the light that goes around the filament; 
  4. Switch it on – this should start a spark which will then, eventually, if fed properly, start a fire. 

The third method can only be done during daylight – when Mr. Sun is there. It would look something like this:

  1. Remove the glass lens from the cap of the tactical flashlight; 
  2. Place it on top of tinder while holding it – what you want to do here is to magnify the ray of sun onto the tinder.

Flashlights as a glass breaker alternative

Is your car door malfunctioning? Well, if you have a tactical flashlight inside your car, you can use it to be some kind of a tool replacement – let’s take the situation as an example. You need to get out of your car but your car door won’t open. You can use your tactical flashlight’s jagged edges to strike the car window from the inside. 

Its aluminum make is more than eligible to break the glass easily for you. That’s just one example, though; you can use it as any kind of tool replacement if you see the need for it. 

Those are just some of the top uses for a tactical flashlight other than being a flashlight. As you can see, it’s very helpful to have one near you at all times. You never know when you might need it the most – it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. 

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