The Top 5 Camping Lanterns For Your Next Camping Trip (Updated for 2019)

Every camping trip wouldn’t be complete without the midnight storytelling around a campfire. But a campfire won’t be able to light up the whole camp efficiently. In fact, if you’re camping where there are wild animals, not having enough light could put your life at risk. 

This is where the importance of camping lights comes in. Camping lanterns are made to provide a sufficient amount of light even in the darkest of times. Many manufacturers have grown and innovated as they’ve made newer camping lights with LED lights for a brighter, more powerful glow. 

With many different camping lanterns available in the market, do you know what to choose for your next camping trip? Don’t worry because, in this review, we will be giving you the top 5 camping lanterns you can consider using for your next adventure. 

1: VONT 4-Pack LED

The Vont LED camping lanterns are undeniably one of the best and most sought camping lanterns in the market. Other than the fact that they offer four (4) lanterns, the specs are also monstrous. 

Boasting their long-lasting bright LED beam, they take pride in the 30 bright LEDs these lanterns have. The lantern lights up everything in and around it as the LED lights cover the whole base area of the lantern. 

In case you’re wondering about its key specifications, the VONT 4-Pack LED Lantern package contains 140 lumens, perfect for revealing even the darkest of things. It has three (3) AAs included in the package, too. 

Probably the best thing that this camping lantern offers is that it can last for up to 12 hours; you don’t have to worry about darkness the whole time because the VONT 4-Pack LED lantern is ready to light everything up. 

2: Etekcity LED Camping Lantern

If you’re worried about the LED bulbs not being enough, you don’t need to worry about Ekcity’s LED camping lantern. When turned on, it fires up 30 different LED bulbs that wrap the whole lantern with beaming light. 

It can light up for up to 12 hours of continuous use and you won’t even notice that it’s nighttime. Its portability is flexible as you can easily pop the lanterns in and out if you need to use them. The Etekcity LED camping lantern is powered up by three (3) AAs 1.5 V batteries which will definitely give you more light than what you’ve asked for. 

3: Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan

Do you ever get tired of finding a place where your camping lantern can settle? With the Odoland Portable LED camping lantern, you will NEVER have to worry about that anymore. The portable LED camping lantern can be hanged and it can give you the light from above. 

It’s good for both camping and emergency situations as it has a portable ceiling fan that comes with it as well! You don’t just get a good lamp, you also get a fan!

The Odaland LED camping lantern contains high-quality 18 super bright LED bulbs. They boast their ability to run for as long as 37 hours from a fully-charged set of batteries. It has low consumption even if it has a fan – the fan can operate for up to 30 hours, too! 

And if you only need the fan, the camping lantern can be transformed to a sole fan without using the light! How good can the Odoland Portable LED camping lantern be?   

4: MalloMe LED Lantern

If you’re not into the flashy stuff and look more on the durability of a lantern, then the MalloMe LED lantern might just be the perfect camping light for you. Equipped with military-grade material, they boast of their capability of withstanding even the harshest of weather. 

It shines a light of 360 degrees and has ultra-bright 146-Lumen count. You won’t run into any trouble bringing it because it’s collapsible! It uses easy-to-find AA batteries and it’s water-resistant, too! 

Furthermore, the MalloMe LED lantern boasts of powering up for up to more than 24 hours of continuous use! Yes, that means that if you’re unfortunate enough to get stuck in a forest, you can ensure your safety with the MalloMe LED lantern. 

5: Gold Armour 4-Pack LED Camping Lantern

With a size of just a regular iPhone, the Gold Armour LED camping lantern takes pride on their 500-Lumen bulbs. For its size, it’s really a good trait being able to execute a 500-Lumen count. It operates under three (3) AA batteries, which are also included. 

They’re not just using the regular LED, they’re currently using the latest technology known as the Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology. So, you can be sure that it’ll light up a wider area than the regular 30 LED lanterns commonly found on the market. 

Because of its intensity, it can bring you not just light, but warmth, too. Keeping you relaxed while you’re sleeping. It has a collapsible design but a sturdy build. Built from military-grade water-resistant plastic, the Gold Armour LED camping lantern is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Remember that you should also take a regular flashlight camping with you, especially to be able to see further into the distance and if you like to hike. We have reviewed the top flashlights so that the guesswork is done for you.

Those are the top 5 picks that we have for camping lanterns. You can do a campfire all you want but it might not be as helpful as using a camping lantern to fulfill your lighting needs. So, on your next trip, which lantern has caught your attention? Which one are you going to go for? 

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